What Work is Forbidden on Erev Pesach After Chatzos?

What Work is Forbidden on Erev Pesach After Chatzos?

During the era of the Beis Hamikdash, Chazal instituted a prohibition against any Jewish person performing work from midday on erev Pesach (12:54pm, this year)—the hours in which the korban Pesach was offered. This Rabbinical prohibition was not removed even after the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash and the discontinuation of the korban Pesach.

* All activities that may be performed during chol ha-mo’ed—such as a matter that will be lost if left unattended, or something that is necessary for the days of chol ha-mo’ed and is done non-professionally, not as a worker trained in that field—may certainly be performed on erev Pesach afternoon.

* It is only true work that may not be performed, such as crafting a new utensil or sewing new garments. By contrast, one may repair something that has been slightly damaged and is needed at present. Similarly, one may sew and repair clothing that has been slightly torn or damaged and is needed for yom tov. Work of this kind may be performed in a professional manner for oneself, or for someone else but without payment.

* Professional writing is considered a true form of work and is not permitted even for a mitzvah, unless it meets the requirements that would make it permissible during chol ha-mo’ed.

* One is permitted to write (jot down notes) as part of his Torah studies, because he has no intention to produce a perfect script or style. It is customary to permit the composition of non-official letters.

* It is forbidden to give a haircut to a Jewish person after halachic midday. It is also prohibited to give oneself a haircut at this point. However, one may receive a haircut from a non-Jew.

* Every form of work may be performed on one’s behalf by a non-Jew, even matters that are not necessary for yom tov.

* Some authorities consider it forbidden to trim one’s nails after midday, while others are lenient. Given a choice, one should be stringent and take care of cutting his nails before midday. If he forgot or was otherwise unable to do so, he may rely on the lenient view and trim them in the afternoon.
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